release concert ‘The New Lady Llama’

Leuven Jazz 2021
Sun 30/05/2021 - 17:00
M Leuven

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If the two previous albums ‘And Above All’ (2017) and ‘Give Space’ (2018) have demonstrated one thing, it must be that Steiger isn’t just a band, but a continuous work in progress.

Gilles Vandecaveye, Kobe Boon and Simon Raman won the ‘Young Jazz Talent’ competition of ‘Ghent Jazz’ in 2017. Since their early beginnings, they’ve been eagerly exploring the boundaries of jazz and enthusiastically discovering other worlds such as contemporary music, electronics, pop, free impro … In doing so, they have essentially been faithful to the progressive base principle of jazz, the flexible transformation.

Their new album ‘The New Lady Llama’ was released last month on Sdban Ultra and refers to the urge of creating a new sound. Meet Steiger as a storyteller, losing itself in imagination, and such in a time where the absurdity of fiction is overrun by reality.

The title of the album is also a reference to ‘The Lady, The Llama and the Dog’, a track on their second album ‘Give Space’.

Knack Focus magazine described their new release as “Steiger plays jazz as on a Romanian wedding”. But feel free to discover it yourself at this release concert!

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with Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy (piano and keyboards), Kobe Boon (double bass) and Simon Raman (drums) part of Leuven Jazz with special thanks to M Leuven photo Victor Van Hoof