Water Day Concerts

During the Leuven Water Day (SUN 20.03) you can enjoy mini-concerts on a walk along with water-rich places in the city center.

  • 11.00 h + 12.00 h + 13.00 h:  Cyrille Obermüller Trio - An occasional trio in the capable hands of Leuven double bass player Cyrille Obermüller.(@Sluispark)
  • 12.15 h + 13.15 h  + 13.45 h: Schroothoop - with yard buckets, PVC pipes, tin cans, washing wire, pots, and pans Schroothoop brings a delicious mix of jazz, eastern music, and Afro-Cuban rhythms. (@Balk van Beel)
  • 13.00 h + 13.45 h + 14.30 h: Nabou Claerhout & Jeroen Verberne - We reunite two trombonists on our stage. They complement each other's improvisations and push each other to their musical limits. (@Dijleterrassen)
  • 16.30 h: Esinam (solo) - In her versatile sound, the retro-futuristic multi-instrumentalist Esinam Dogbatse combines traditional instruments with her warm voice and flute. (@Dijleterrassen)