Living room concerts

On the final Sunday, we present a fine selection of intimate living room concerts.
It’s an ideal opportunity to discover the diversity of jazz: contrarious, accessible or sometimes hermetic.
Certain concerts can be combined, thanks to the vicinity of the venues. 

Seats for these concerts are always limited, so don’t hesitate to book your free ticket. Upon reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation.
Should you decide to miss out on the concert, let us know. That way we can contact our waiting list.

Sunday, March 24 2019


11.00 h - Hendrik Braeckman, Hans Van Oost and Marc Van den Hoof
16.00 h - Stefan Bracaval QU4RTET


14.00 h - Suura
16.00 h - Nicolas Thys - Roeland Celis - Tim Finoulst
17.30 h - Thomas Champagne Random House
19.30 h - Benjamin Sauzereau


13.15 h - Nabou
14.00 h - RVB Quartet
16.00 h - CRITERIUM3
18.00 h - Piet Verbist Quartet


19.30 h - Ivan Paduart en Patrick Deltenre