Indré Jurgelevičiūté (LT)

Leuven Jazz 2021

Sun 30/05/2021 - 11:00
M Leuven

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Indré Jurgelevičiūté is probably known best for her collaboration with Bert Cools in Merope. Their album ‘Naktès’ won Radio Klara’s Award for ‘Best Belgian world release’ in 2019.

Indré sings and plays the kanklės, a kind of Lithuanian zither. She combines the serene minimalism of Lithuanian folklore with a whirlwind of new ideas.
In Belgium, she is working under the wings of the Granvat platform, a creative hub for alternative jazz projects such as hoera. and Book of Air (Fieldtone and Vvolk).

This music lets you dream off and start the day with a clear head.

Or, as she describes it herself: “… music speaks about human connection with nature and ritual magic in everyday life, and offers the listener a gift of soft melancholy and a quiet joy of being. Uniquely and sensitively expressed through the magic sound of the kanklės, all these emotions once again reveal to us the profound meanings that are common to all world cultures.

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