B-Jazz Rewind 4

online concert

Aishinka + RVB Quartet
Sat 01/05/2021 - 20:00
This event is free

Due to the Covid restrictions, the B-Jazz International Contest is cancelled also this year.

Instead, you can enjoy five exceptional online concerts that present the winners of the five most recent editions in combination with a young, promising Belgian jazz formation. Thus, we maintain the international aspect of B-Jazz and at the same time offer a stage to Belgian jazz talents. All sets were recorded live, but without an audience.

Aishinka (BE)

Winners of the B-Jazz International Contest 2019.

From the jury report:

Aishinka wins with music based on traditional Bulgarian music. The band was touching us, gave us goosebumps, caught our attention from the first moment on and kept surprising us. Aishinka had a real vibe with the audience. The arrangements are great: varied and in balance. Beautiful sounds! The singers are great. The voicings they sing are extraordinary and performed beautifully. The solo of the singer was so good. Give us more of this! We love the soprano sax in the band. Beautiful rhythm section. The playing of the pianist was so delicate. We like the lightplan at the beginning of the concerts where the singers and the saxophone player gather around the piano, creating a good atmosphere and sound.”

Support: RVB Quartet (BE)

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Aishinka with (for this recording) Claire Parsons (voice), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Filippe Caporali Leonelo (bass), Gergana Velikova (voice), Julie Rens (voice), Louise Andri (piano) and Viktor Perdieus (baritone sax)

RVB Quartet with Rebekka Van Bockstal (guitar), Marius Couvreur (drums), Otto Kint (double bass) and Elias Storme (saxes)

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