B-Jazz Rewind 2

online concert

Philippe Lemm Trio + Jake Walker
Sat 17/04/2021 - 20:00
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Due to the Covid restrictions, the B-Jazz International Contest is cancelled also this year.

Instead, you can enjoy five exceptional online concerts that present the winners of the five most recent editions in combination with a young, promising Belgian jazz formation. Thus, we maintain the international aspect of B-Jazz and at the same time offer a stage to Belgian jazz talents. All sets were recorded live, but without an audience.

Philippe Lemm Trio (US)

Winners of the B-Jazz International Contest 2015.

From the jury report:

“The joy of playing together. We saw lots of chemistry and playful enthusiasm among the musicians. One can hear that they have lots of technical baggage and they really know the jazz language. The imposed composition was played in a very interesting way, with respect for the original. They play music with virtuosity and had a nice connection with the audience.”

Support: Jake Walker (BE)

Seven jazz musicians from Ghent bring new life to the roaring sounds of the 20s and 30s of the last century. They’ll revive Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, but also compose their own material. The whirly swing of Jake Walker will definitely get you dancing!

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Philippe Lemm Trio with Philippe Lemm (drums), Angelo Di Loreto (piano) and Jeff Koch (bass)

Jake Walker with (fort his recording) Pieter Mortier (bass), Ruben Van Bost (clarinet/tenor sax), Simon Raman (drums), Viktor Perdieus (bariton sax), Werend Van den Bossche (alto sax) and Wouter Van den Broeck (piano)

in collaboration with

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