Living room concert
Sun 24/03/2024 - 16:30

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  • free with reservation
  • max. 35 places

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand with the remarkable duo NAAN, consisting of Suzan Peeters (accordion) and Nathalie Van Meirvenne (flute). They met at the Conservatory of Ghent, where they both studied classical music. They discovered a common love for improvisation, traditional and contemporary music, resulting in a new, experimental duo.

They blend traditional folk melodies with free improvisation, producing extraordinary results that challenge audiences in both style and form. NAAN looks for contrast and balance. The contrast between consonant and dissonant. The balance between classical, folk and contemporary. Improvisation is central, making each performance unique.

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Nathalie Van Meirvenne (°1997) has a passion for new and old music, folk and improvisation, chamber music and music theatre, song and dance. Nathalie is always looking for a creative outlet resulting in sincere and surprising performances. Both solo and with NAAN, she creates performances that address these issues. In doing so, she also explores how to rethink polyphonic music for solo flute.

Suzan Peeters (°1999) is a Brussels-based accordionist, experimentalist and improviser, constantly searching for new timbres and sound textures within her accordion. She experiments with the acoustic sound possibilities of the accordion and likes to create the illusion of a synthesiser sound, using the bellows in a very elaborate way.