Maanconcert II: Alano Gruarin & Gwen Cresens

Sun 12/03/2023 - 11:00

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In 2003, pianist Alano Gruarin and accordionist Gwen Cresens meet for the first time during a residency in Berlin. As accompanists of Filip Jordens' Hommage à Brel, they join forces with Jean Corti, Brel's loyal accordion companion.

Over the years, Alano and Gwen continue to play together in various productions such as Orquesta Tanguedia and Kommil Foo. They invite each other to shine on their respective solo records (Profondo Blu 2009 & Concertos 2018). In short, it was written in the stars that their exceptional musical click would sooner or later lead to a duo program.

They look back on a common repertoire of 20 years of music and discover and rework new music. Always with an open mind. For the first time, Alano throws himself into the wonderful world of the Hammond organ, which colours remarkably well with Gwen's accordion.

In good Cresens-Gruarin tradition, the music they bring together breathes jazz, but meanders to all corners of the world, to come home to the extremely capable hands of these two classy guys.

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with Alano Gruarin (hammond organ) and Gwen Cresens (accordion)