Nature walk & living room concert
Sun 24/03/2024 - 14:30
13.00 h (walk 60') - 14.30 h (concert)

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Bodem is an instrumental music group that excels in lyrical melodies, collective interaction, enchanting guitar sound and atmospheric percussion. They perform new repertoire and songs from their debut album. Featuring Willem - Woolvs - Malfliet on guitar, Anke - Akia - Verslype on drums and Adia Vanheerentals on saxes and composition.

It is a trio with a great sensitivity to sound and a focus on the collective. They combine the harmonic of much Scandinavian jazz (Christian Wallumrød, Skúli Sverrisson, ...) with the potent energy of the Chicago scene. From a shared method, they play Adia Vanheerentals’ compositions, which have a perfect balance of catchy, lyrical melodies and abstract soundscapes.

Nature walk Wijgmaalbroek (optional)

Before the concert, you are welcome to discover the Wijgmaalbroek nature reserve, which is managed by Natuurpunt. Accompanied by a guide, you will get to know this attractive valley landscape where the spring flora is awakening in abundance.

Suitable for buggies, not for wheelchairs. Waterproof (high) footwear is recommended.

Register for the walk using the ticket link.
This walk is for concert audience only and cannot be selected separately.
If you would like to explore the area without attending the concert, please join the free Natuurpunt walk on 31 March.

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