Nicolas Thys - Roeland Celis - Tim Finoulst

Living room concert

Sun 24/03/2019 - 16:00 Tickets
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Bass player Nicolas Thys hardly needs an introduction. He grew up in Brussels and lived in Amsterdam and New York for quite a while. He is very solicited as a wingman, from the likes of Tutu Puoane to TaxiWars, from the Nathalie Loriers trio to the Veronique Harcsa Quartet. For this occasion, he creates a new, unique trio with two guitarists: Roeland Celis and Tim Finoulst.

[tip:] Roeland Celis will also perform at 13.15 h with Nabou. On March 20 he will join Cyrille Obermüller and Sam Versweyveld on stage.

max 50 people