Benjamin Sauzereau

Living room concert

Sun 24/03/2019 - 19:30 Tickets
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French guitarist Benjamin Sauzereau focuses on music since the age of 16 and very early discovered a passion for improvisation. After his education at the ENM in Le Mans and a year in England – where he met musicians like Mike Walker, Stuart McCallum and Gilad Atzmon – he enrolled at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2006 to study with Kris Defoort and Peter Hertmans. Soon after, Sauzereau created bands with very poetic and surreal names, such as La Cigarette Sans Cravate or Les Chroniques De L’Inutile, in which he could improvise and experiment with rock influences. In the fall of 2018, he released ‘Solo’ in his own name. Besides his own work, he is also a member of Air: Vvolk, the 18-piece orchestra led by Bert Cools.

max. 50 people