B-Jazz Rewind 3

online concert

Florian Favre Trio + Abstract INC.
Sat 24/04/2021 - 20:00
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Due to the Covid restrictions, the B-Jazz International Contest is cancelled also this year.

Instead, you can enjoy five exceptional online concerts that present the winners of the five most recent editions in combination with a young, promising Belgian jazz formation. Thus, we maintain the international aspect of B-Jazz and at the same time offer a stage to Belgian jazz talents. All sets were recorded live, but without an audience.

Florian Favre Trio (CH)

Winners of the B-Jazz International Contest 2016.

From the jury report:

“This band has a very high level of proficiency and professionalism. There was a great build up and contour of the set, ranging from very delicate to highly intense moments, within the jazz tradition, but always fresh and surprising, with never a dull moment. With great coherence and interplay between the band members, always finding a balance between seriousness and apparent pleasure, meanwhile connecting very well with the audience and therefor creating a great atmosphere.”

Support: Abstract INC. (BE)

This Brussels based sextet launched its EP in september 2020. They alternate fresh, contemporary jazz with groovy horns, distortion and fine guitar solos.

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Florian Favre Trio with Manu Hagmann (bass), Arthur Hnatek (drums) and Florian Favre (piano and composition)

Abstract INC. with Abel Jednak (alto sax), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Joos Vandueren (tenor sax), Leonard Steigerwald (piano), Machiel Heremans (guitar) and Otto Kint (bass)

in collaboration with

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