Sunday March 19th

21.00 hours


Since its debut album Condor Gruppe is walking an adventurous path. The band is keen on testing its own limits. For 'Frog Bog – A Tribute to Moondog' the band – expanded with trumpet player Dirk Timmermans and saxophonist Matti Willems – dug into the beautiful work of cult artist Moondog. The result is an a marvellous mix of the mystical, jazzy compositions by Moondog and the exotic, instrumental sound of Condor Gruppe. On stage, awesome visuals take you to the magic and cinematic Moondog world.

"Just like a little child pulling his balloon back to earth while walking around exploring", that is Condor Gruppe music...

with Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen (guitar), Jan Wygers (bass), Milan Warmoeskerken (guitaar), Krist Torfs (drums), Kris Delacourt (guitar), Dirk Timmermans (trumpet) en Matti Willems (sax) foto Davy Depauw